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Hobart's Best Fire Cupping Massage

Many Hobartians are witnessing the final chills of winter. As a result, your mind and body may not be in tip-top condition. The cold weather can affect tired and tense muscles as well as your mood. So what better time can it be to explain some of the reasons why you should try a massage today!

· Ease tension

The winter weather can often make the minor discomfort of muscular tension feel much worse. A treatment such as a hot stone massage will warm you up and help ease any knots of tension that have built up in your neck, shoulders, back and/or legs. Healthline has discussed six benefits of Hot Stone Massage in their recent blog which you can look into. One can also try fire cupping. This is a message which has so many benefits and experience involved one can't afford to miss this opportunity. 

In addition, a massage of this kind can also help stimulate blood flow by removing any built up lactic acid in your muscles. This will help your tense areas recover more quickly.

· Soothe aching muscles

General aches and pains are more prevalent in the cold weather, especially amongst the elderly. As long as any of your aching muscles don't have any underlying causes, having a massage is the perfect way to soothe them.

If you take part in outdoor sports during the colder weather you may also feel a few aches and pains more than you would otherwise. Whatever the reason for your aching muscles, getting a sport or a relaxation massage from a professional therapist could be the answer to easing it off.

· Get a warm glow

If you're out and about in the cold day after day it can affect your body and a general sense of wellbeing. Even if you don't have any particular aches, pains or points of tension, getting a hot stone massage will be a welcome break from the cold winter.

· Increased energy

Many forms of massage involve the use of essential oils. These can have different properties including relaxation and rejuvenation. When you're feeling a bit below par in the winter months as so many of us do, the right massage will help boost your energy levels naturally.

If there's a particular outcome you want to get from your massage but aren't sure which treatment to choose, a professional massage therapist will be able to adopt a massage to suit your needs.

· Lifting your mood

When the weather outside is frightening and it's getting dark early in the day, it's easy for your general mood to take a dip. Going for a massage can be an oasis of tranquillity and help you feel ready to face the winter again.

Aromatherapy massage has been around for centuries and is a gentle and calming way to lift your spirits. Even just booking an hour or so to get pampered with a massage will help your mind get away from any day-to-day worries or stress.

Asian Hands is open seven days a week and if you think you need a massage, simply call us or book online. We can't wait to see you at any of our outlets.


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