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Swedish Massage In Hobart

Swedish massage is one of the most popular forms of massage known to the western world. It is actually based on the original work of Swedish physiologist, Pehr Henrik Ling (1776-1839). Pehr actually developed it at the University of Stockholm when it was called "The Swedish Movement Cure." However many experts believe that it later has given birth to all sorts of messages from deep tissue to the Aussie's favorite sports massage.

Whether it is at a spa or massage therapist's office, chances are you are getting some form of Swedish massages, unless it specifically specializes in Eastern Medicine. This discipline involves a more vigorous massage based on energy flow and other fundamentals of the ancient form of therapy.

The best time to get a Swedish massage is during the summer months. People often buy gift certificates for loved ones over the holidays which you can also try out to let your beloved know about your warm care. Asian Hands specializes in Swedish massage. If you're a resident of Hobart or just a keen tourist enjoying the hot summer days of Tasmania, Asian Hands will surely be the best place to try a massage.

Booking an appointment is now easier than ever. You can book online on our website. Or you can call us at (03) 6272 5566. It's also a good idea to drop by any of our shops at Sandy Bay, Rosny Park & Glenorchy. We are destined to provide you the best massage experience in Hobart.

Once the appointment is booked, it is important to know what to expect. The therapist will walk in the room and ask about any problem areas or injuries he or she should be aware of. After that, they will excuse themselves. At this time, the patient may take their clothes off and lay on the massage table, under a sheet or towel. Full nudity is not necessary, and many people leave their underwear on. As the massage takes place, the therapist will only uncover the part of the body they're working on. This procedure is called "draping." The patient should feel free to speak up if at any time they are uncomfortable. And we hope you'll enjoy a great massage session with us to get back your fine mood.


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