Gem In Sandy Bay | Asian Hands Massage Sandy Bay

Gem In Sandy Bay | Asian Hands Massage Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay is the most iconic suburb in Hobart, Tasmania. This year till June 2019, 1.32 million people have travelled from interstate and overseas to Tasmania for vacation. Majority of such population pay Sandy Bay a visit. Sandy Bay is famous for staying in a famous neighbourhood. The University of Tasmania, Long Beach, Salamanca Market etc are just a walking distance from Sandy Bay. Finally, if you are a local, you will add Asian Hands Massage – Sandy Bay in the list of must-visits, a true gem!

Massage Culture in Sandy Bay Hobart

Sandy Bay is the multicultural hotpot of Tasmania. Many healthy eateries, gyms, outdoor tracks, dog walking tracks and massage and spa centres are thriving as a result of local demand. People work out, eat good and trust a good therapist at the end of the week for their weekly massage. Indeed, many people this to be the secret behind the happy lifestyle found in Hobart. Here we will discuss the top three massages that people try in Asian Hands!

Remedial Massage

Hobart has a growing population consisting of senior citizens. Additionally, people involved in sports and aerobatics tend to get muscle aches, minor injuries on a regular basis. Since we have a great remedial massage program in place, such demands are well looked after. Therefore, we will craft a remedial or reflexology massage routine that meets your needs when you visit us for massage in Asian Hands Sandy Bay!

Deep Tissue Massage

Clearly deep tissue massage is the most booked massage service in our practice. Deep Tissue requires great experience and technique to perform. Asian Hands Massage in Sandy Bay has great reputation for having in house trained therapists who are able to reach deep to your muscles and can open the knots. Such therapy is worth trying after a long flight!

Pregnancy Massage

Surely, a mother needs the best care while being pregnant. This beautiful time can often be painful and only a mother can relate to it. However, this time in life can also be beautiful if a proper pregnancy massage routine is at a place. At Asian Hands Sandy Bay, expert pregnancy massage experts work every day to ensure, expectant mothers, can come when they need a bit of extra care.

Asian Hands Massage has a great website that makes it really easy to book an appointment. You can easily visit our website by clicking here. Moreover, feel free to choose between our locations in Sandy Bay and Glenorchy. We wish you all the best with your next appointment with Asian Hands Massage!

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